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INTRODUCING THE: Legendary Ads Vault: Claude C. Hopkins Collection

Ad Campaign Roster
Bissell Carpet Sweeper Company: 30 Ads
Dr. Shoop’s Restorative: 114 Ads
Liquozone: 70 Ads
Schlitz Beer: 120 Ads
Van Camp’s Pork & Beans: 113 Ads
Van Camp’s Evaporated Milk: 90 Ads
Lord & Thomas: 40 Ads
Quaker Oats Puffed Wheat & Puffed Rice: 218 Ads
Quaker Oats Oatmeal: 66 Ads
Goodyear Tires: 292 Ads
Van Camp’s Spaghetti: 20 Ads
REO Motor Car Company (REO The Fifth): 77 Ads
Pepsodent: 259 Ads
Palmolive Shaving Cream: 63 Ads
Palmolive Soap: 49 Ads
TOTAL: 1,621 ADS

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
My Life In Advertising by Claude Hopkins
Legendary Headlines Vault” Claude Hopkins Collection
Rare 1910 Speech Given by Claude Hopkins
“Legendary P.S. Statements” Vault
The Wall Street Journal’s Creative Leaders Series

+ the following Collections

* Robert Collier Ad Collection (51 Total)
Robert Collier (1885-1950) is an “Original Copy Legend” whose fame rose as a copywriter, advertiser, and self-help author.
* John Caples Ad Collection (28 Total)
John Caples (1900-1990) is an “Original Copy Legend” whose brilliance for mail-order advertising earned him a place in the advertising Hall of Fame.
* David Ogilvy Ad Collection (58 Total)
David Ogilvy (1911-1999) is an “Original Copy Legend” known as one of the advertising age’s most successful copywriters.
* Eugene Schwartz Ad Collection (49 Total)
Eugene Schwartz (1927-1995) is an “Original Copy Legend” highly-regarded as one of the greatest direct-response advertising copywriters of all-time.
* Gary Halbert Ad Collection (37 Total)
Gary Halbert (1938-2007) is an “Original Copy Legend” best remembered for writing one of the single most successful sales letters of all time…
* Advertising Advertising Ad Collection (218 Total)
Do you know the real test of any true Copywriter or Advertiser? Their ability to sell themselves – their own copywriting and advertising services. This collection includes 218 legendary ads by many of the largest ad agencies of all-time selling their own services.
* N.W. Ayer & Son “Legacy Theme” Ad Collection (78 Total)
This legendary “Legacy Theme” series by N.W. Ayer & Son is the most brilliant campaign I’ve ever seen across 100,000+ pages of vintage newspapers and magazines.
* Maxwell Sackheim Ad Collection (38 Total)
Maxwell Sackheim(1890-1982) is an “Original Copy Legend” best-known for many of the highest-converting ads all time. His two most famous headlines read:
“Do You Make These Mistakes In English?” “Seven Deadly Advertising Mistakes”. He worked for two of the largest ad agencies during the “Golden Age of Advertising” before starting his own agency.
* Volkswagen “Think Small” Ad Collection (158 Total)
Ranked by Advertising Age as the single greatest advertising campaign of all-time, Volkswagen’s “Think Small” (and “Lemon”) campaign was spear-headed by Original Copy Legend, Bill Bernbach (Doyle, Dane, & Bernbach). It’s the #1 most creative advertising campaign in the entire Copy Legends collection.
* Joseph Sugarman Ad Collection (39 Total)
Joseph Sugrman is one of the few Original Copy Legends still alive today. Through his masterful copywriting, the JS&A Group became one of America’s largest source of space-age products, introducing dozens of new electronic innovations during the 70s.
* Joe Karbo Ad Collection (10 Total)
Joe Karbo (1925-1980) is an Original Copy Legend still considered to be one of the foremost experts on copywriting, headlines writing, and direct response advertising.
* Eugene Schwartz Philips Publishing Speech
On October 8th, 1993, Eugene Schwartz gave his famous “Breakthrough Advertising” speech at Philips Publishing – just two years before he passed away. Inside, he summarizes the 8-part process he used to assemble his most legendary ads..
* Victor Schwab Ad Collection (7 Total)
Victor Schwab (1898-1980) is an Original “Copy Legend” is responsible for many of the “100 Greatest Ads Of All-Time”, including: “How To Win Friends And Influence People” “How Long Should An Advertisement Be?” “100 Good Advertising Headlines – And Why They Were So Profitable” “How I Made $100,000 With a “Fool” Idea”
* Neil French Ad Collection (97 Total)
Neil French (1944-Present) is Copy Legend with one of the most unique, direct, and unusual forms of advertising, copywriting, and creative design of all-time.
* Legendary Sales Letters Vault (59 Total)
A master collection of the 59-highest converting sales letters of all time, assembled by 26 of the Original Copy Legends.
* James Webb Young Ad Collection (30 Total)
James Webb Young (1886-1973) is an original Copy Legend who influenced the development and history of the advertising industry at every level. He was the mastermind behind many of the greatest ads of all-time
* Bruce Barton Ad Collection (36 Total)
Bruce Barton (1886-1967) is an original Copy Legend who was a leading influencer for modern advertising. Founder of the legendary ad agency, BBDO, Barton wrote many of the most famous ads & sales letters (and books) of the past 100 years
* Alexander Hamilton Institute Ad Collection (151 Total)
The Alexander Hamilton Institute is one of the oldest and most successful business schools of all-time, thanks to their genius advertising campaign. If you sell to business owners, this is for you.
* David Abbott Ad Collection (121 Total)
David Abbott(1938-2014) is an original Copy Legend who shook the advertising world with his bold & brazen style. Abbott wrote many of the most successful all-time ads for The Economist, Volkswagen, Volvo, Chivas Regal, & Sainsbury’s
* LaSalle Extension University Ad Collection (130 Total)
The LaSalle Extension University was referred to as “The Largest Business Training Institution In The World” in its prime. They sold the promise of financial freedom, upward expansion, and finding purpose through advanced training. This collection contains many of the greatest “business opportunity” ads of all-time
* Steinway & Sons Ad Collection (56 Total)
The Steinway & Sons “The Instrument of the Immortals” campaign for Steinway Pianos is amongst the “100 Greatest Ad Campaigns” of all-time.

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